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ACHP members focus on improving the health of the communities they serve and are on the leading edge of innovations in affordability and the quality of care. Learn more about our members. Read More


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Map of ACHP coverage.The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) represents the nation’s top-performing nonprofit health plans to improve affordability and outcomes in the health care system. ACHP member companies are provider-aligned health organizations that provide high-quality coverage and care to tens of millions of Americans. They are leading the industry in practical, proven reforms around primary care delivery, value-based payment and data-driven systems improvement.

ACHP advocates on behalf of its members and a unique approach to health care today, one that puts the patient at the center with health plans and clinical teams collaborating to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. Our advocacy focuses on providing policymakers with tested solutions being realized in communities nationwide and rooted in a model that is proven to deliver better value for patients, employers and taxpayers.

We realize our mission by:

  • Providing a forum to solve our members’ most pressing challenges
  • Advocating for better health and health care
  • Building the evidence base for health care improvement through clinical innovation
  • Enhancing our plan’s competitiveness by developing quantitative and qualitative tools to improve performance and meet marketplace challenges

ACHP Members Are…

The voice of nonprofit health plans…

ACHP and its member organizations support policies that ensure access for all to a high value system of care that provides outstanding patient experience. Drawing on our relationships on Capitol Hill and in the Administration, ACHP is elevating the voice of nonprofit, community health plans and shaping policy that builds healthy communities.

To learn more, read our latest news and take a look at our advocacy work.

Transforming health care delivery…

ACHP member plans are role models for other health plans in achieving the industry’s Triple Aim – better health, better care, at a lower cost. Our plans work closely with providers on behalf of patients and are committed to developing solutions that ensure the right care to the right patient at the right time.

Providing better value for every health care dollar…

ACHP members are driving better health outcomes to deliver higher quality care for more than 19 million people nationwide. Our plans are constantly innovating to improve care delivery, member service and patient experience.

Our plans consistently top quality rating charts by independent agencies, leading the industry to higher standards while providing top-notch care.

Improving the health of the nation.

ACHP members are deeply rooted in their communities and are constantly reinvesting in the places where employees and members live, work and play. With dedicated initiatives and strong local partnerships, ACHP plans are leading their communities to better health.

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Making Health Care Better

The Alliance of Community Health Plans is a national leadership organization bringing together innovative health plans and provider groups that are among America’s best at delivering affordable, high-quality coverage and care. Our plans are shaping the future of health care - driving better health outcomes, building healthier communities and inspiring an entire industry to do better.

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