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RELEASE — ACHP Welcomes Administration Action on Prescription Drug Pricing

Washington (May 11, 2018) – Today in response to President Trump’s speech in which he laid out a four-pronged blueprint to address high list prices, encourage negotiation tools for seniors and the government, lower out-of-pocket costs for consumers and increase competition in drug markets the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) releases the following statement, attributable to ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly:

“We thank the administration for its leadership on this pressing issue. The problem of prescription drug costs for consumers starts with the high, unsustainable prices set by drug companies. Sky-high drug prices put an unfair burden on all Americans, especially patients with chronic conditions and life-threatening illnesses. No one should have to choose between paying their household bills and paying for their medication.

“Without action on high drug prices, our country will continue to be forced to make trade-offs. Every dollar spent on overpriced drugs is a dollar that can’t be spent on innovations in health care and other vital initiatives.

“Americans deserve to know how drug prices are set, and transparency and competition are critical first steps. At the local level, our ACHP health plans are providing consumers with valuable tools that make comparative cost information available and help drive informed decision making.

“Currently stalled in Congress, the bipartisan CREATES Act is one important, overlooked way to increase competition in the pharmaceutical marketplace. CREATES is sensible legislation that removes barriers to competition and is estimated to generate $3.8 billion in savings for taxpayers.

“We look forward to working with the administration on solutions to bring down the cost of drugs and make health care better for the more than 20 million Americans who live in the communities ACHP members serve.”

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