ACHP plans provide individual coverage to over 1.3 million Americans both on and off the public health insurance exchanges. We are committed to ensuring that Americans continue to have access to high quality care at a cost they can afford, and advocate for policies that stabilize the individual market. ACHP advocates for sufficient financial assistance for the Americans who need it and affordable coverage options for working families across the country.

Market Stabilization and Affordable Coverage

ACHP plans are dedicated to the health of nearly 20 million beneficiaries and the wellbeing of the communities they serve. They believe in the importance of access to preventive and comprehensive care and have consistently offered robust coverage, regardless of geographic location or health status of their members. ACHP looks for opportunities to work with Congress on ways to reduce costs without jeopardizing coverage gains. At the same time, ACHP encourages Congress to thoughtfully address challenges in the current system while maintaining stable, affordable insurance markets for all Americans.

ACHP Response to HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020, February 2019

Letter to Senate HELP Committee Chair Lamar Alexander on Lowering Health Costs, February 2019

ACHP and ACAP Letter to CCIIO on Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters, January 2019 

Letter to CMS on Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance Proposed Rule, April 2018

Letter to Department of Labor on Association Health Plans, March 2018

Letter to CMS on Proposed 2019 Payment Rules for ACA Coverage, November 2017

Letter to Senate leadership on Graham-Cassidy Bill, September 2017

Letter to Senate Leadership requesting funding for financial assistance, May 2017

Letter to Senate leadership on Recommendations for Health Reforms, May 2017

Letter to Congressional Leadership requesting funding of CSR payments, April 2017

Letter to Congressional Committee Chairs on Recommendations for Health Reforms, March 2017

Letter to Senate Chairmen Hatch and Alexander on Market Stabilization, January 2017

ACHP is committed to a stable individual market that provides predictability to health plans and offers affordable access to coverage for consumers.

We support establishing a national reinsurance program to help lower premium costs–a position shared by 70 percent of Americans.

Reinsurance Letter to Party Leaders from NCHC, March 2018 
ACHP Statement on Public Support for a Reinsurance Program, March 2018
ACHP Recommends Taking Action to Stabilize the Individual Market through Reinsurance, February 2018

We have also strongly advocated for the full, long-term funding of the ACA’s cost sharing reduction (CSR) subsides, so that working Americans can purchase coverage they can afford. Fully funded CSR subsidies will help stabilize health insurance markets and allow our plans to set affordable premiums.

ACHP Policy Statement: Stabilizing the Individual Market to Assure a Smooth Transition, December 2016

ACHP has expressed concern about the potential impact of proposals to expand association health plans and allow the sale of insurance across state lines.

ACHP Response to RFI Regarding Selling Insurance Across State Lines, May 2019