Price Transparency: Providing Personalized Price and Quality Information

Navigating the U.S. health care system is unnecessarily complex and prohibitively expensive. And every day consumers are forced to spend more of their own money on care — usually knowing little to nothing about the cost and quality of the care they’re receiving. Health care price tools can provider consumers the information they deserve. But these tools need to provide personalized, real-time information.

ACHP proposes a “seal of approval” for the highest quality digital pricing tools that provide consumers timely accurate and relevant information. Determined by an independent body, certified digital pricing tools must provide consumers:

  • Personalized guidance based on actual benefits, history and costs
  • An easy-to-use, searchable interface
  • Cost estimates for most treatments
  • Location, distance and convenience of care options
  • Patient support for complex care needs

With access to such independently certified sources of price and quality information, consumers would find shopping for medical services as comfortable as other retail experiences.