CLIP: Foresight 2020, The Future of Health Care

With the 2020 race heating up, ACHP’s Ceci Connolly sat down for a panel discussion about the future of the American health care system with NPR’s Joshua Johnson on his show 1A. The panel—also featuring Politico’s Dan Diamond and AEI’s James Capretta—talked about ways to expand health coverage and reduce cost, and a health care system that works for all Americans.

In the discussion, Connolly explained how Congress and the Administration can reduce health care costs and expand access to coverage by stabilizing the individual market.

Connolly also highlighted Medicaid’s powerful impact on health outcomes.

Finally, she provided recommendations for a feasible and sustainable health care plan, emphasizing that the plan should be incremental, focus on closing gaps in coverage and a affordability, foster the use of new techniques and technology and aim to realign incentives toward keeping people healthy.


The full show is available below.