Ensuring Access to High-Quality, Affordable Coverage

ACHP is committed to ensuring that Americans have access to high quality coverage and care at a cost they can afford. This is even more crucial during a public health crisis. ACHP advocates for policies that stabilize the individual market, provide sufficient financial assistance for Americans who need it and expand access to affordable coverage options for working families across the country.

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PROBLEM: Being uninsured is more than just a source of personal anxiety. In a time of pandemic, being uninsured is a threat to public health. Before the  COVID-19 outbreak, more than 28 million Americans  lacked coverage. Rising unemployment imperils  employer-based coverage for millions more.

SOLUTION: To help fill in the coverage gaps created by the current pandemic, the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) proposes several novel approaches that together, help solve the coverage puzzle. These include:

Learn how putting these puzzle pieces together fills in coverage gaps created by COVID-19 and helps provide Americans more peace of mind in these uncertain times.

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