NEWSLETTER: Going Beyond Hospital Walls: Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Seventy-five percent of the factors affecting our health are believed to be non-medical, such as homelessness, hunger and lack of transportation. That’s why health care organizations, social service agencies, schools and families are collaborating to tackle the social needs of individuals.

By considering the entire spectrum of a patient’s experiences and  stresses, health plans and clinicians can better reduce barriers to healthy living. 

ACHP’s nonprofit health plans are addressing social determinants and improving public health  in communities across the country.

UCare provides non-emergency transportation, easing communication and appointment adherence by pairing drivers and members who speak the same language. Geisinger Health Plan works with clinical teams to offer prescriptions for healthy food through the Fresh Food Farmacy, reducing health care costs by 80 percent for patients.

“These investments pay back hugely to the community, much more than anything we’re going to do in any other place or business.”

– John Bulger, DO, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Geisinger Health Plan

Kaiser Permanente is investing $200 million in a collaborative effort to address housing instability, ensuring access to supportive housing and making affordable homes healthier. UPMC is taking a data-driven approach to supporting underserved patients, building a data registry that merges information from health risk assessments, claims and care manager assessments to better serve all the needs of a patient.

For more information, Public Health Newswire details the work of ACHP plans in addressing social determinants and impacting public health.

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