NEWSLETTER: Make Healthcare Affordable: A Federal Reinsurance Program

With health care costs a top issue for most voters, many Congressional candidates ran on and won their seats pledging to making health care more affordable. In her latest Op Ed for Modern Healthcare, ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly calls on Members of Congress to deliver on this promise – and do it through a federal reinsurance program.

Minnesota’s reinsurance program lowered premiums by an average of 20%. Minnesota health plans HealthPartners and UCare have both experienced enrollment increases, at a time when many states saw losses.

“Such a comprehensive approach to stabilize the individual market would go a long way toward delivering on the campaign promises of 2018. The individual market offers peace of mind to millions of hardworking Americans and their families…Reinsurance is a realistic, concrete place to start that has the benefit of broad bipartisan support.”

Tomorrow’s hearing in the House Energy & Commerce Committee will focus on lowering consumer costs and expanding access.  Importantly, lawmakers will consider legislation to establish a federal reinsurance program. 

“A federal reinsurance program can help ensure a stable market through a tested approach that protects consumers from significant premium increases and helps health plans manage catastrophic claims. Congress has included this type of reinsurance protection in the Medicare Part D drug benefit, and at least eight states will have reinsurance programs by the end of 2019.”

Consumers need clarity and health plans need certainty. It’s urgent that Congress get to work on a comprehensive bipartisan solution to stabilize the market and make healthcare more affordable. A federal reinsurance program is the place to start.

Read Connolly’s Op Ed here