NEWSLETTER: The Challenges of Interoperability

A new paper from the PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) takes a hard look at the role of health organizations in data sharing efforts. “Beyond IT: Why the regulatory push toward interoperability requires whole organizational responses from providers, payers” details the short and long-term implications for payers and providers in the move toward a fully interoperable health data system.

ACHP is pleased to be part of this important conversation, particularly the important role that data sharing plays in care coordination and driving value-based care. A fully modernized health data system is an important step in health care affordability, putting patients first and giving them the power to make wise health care decisions. More here.

Safe and secure information sharing is critical to improving coordinated patient care, health outcomes and driving value across the entire system.”

ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly to HRI

However, building a seamless health care data exchange will require buy-in and leadership from all industry stakeholders – health plans cannot do it alone.

It’s also important to recognize the challenges in in this journey. Heavy reliance on third party apps not covered by HIPAA could jeopardize the security of patient information and fast-approaching regulations may require a complete overhaul of current data infrastructure. New standards and structures will be necessary to make data truly useful to consumers.

“Just putting information into the ether is not going to empower consumers,” said Stephanie Cook, chief compliance officer for Wisconsin-based Dean Health Plan and St. Louis-based WellFirst Health. “Is the information consumable to them? Can they derive value from it?”

ACHP and its member companies are committed to patient safety and quality coverage. As this issue continues to evolve, a collaborative industry approach with a focus on data security will be critical to a health data system that works best for patients everywhere.

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