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OP-ED — Support Federal Workforce Wellbeing: Improve the FEHB Shopping Experience

ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly and HealthPartners President and CEO Andrea Walsh call for an overhaul of the Federal Employee Health Benefit’s plan comparison tool in an op-ed for Federal News Network.

by Ceci Connolly and Andrea Walsh

Health care costs are the most important issue facing the country as American families navigate a lasting pandemic and very real financial challenges. As a new administration seeks to invigorate the federal workforce, there is no better time to modernize the system that federal workers use to select health care benefits. Just as consumers shop for hotel stays and rental cars by comparing price, quality and characteristics, they should be afforded the same ease and transparency as they shop for reliable and affordable health coverage.

This is not a minor inside-the-Beltway bureaucratic problem. The entire country would benefit if federal employees could confidently shop for health benefits that best fit their needs and ultimately improved their health.

The start of a new administration offers a golden moment for a significant upgrade. It would allow President Joe Biden to go a long way toward addressing a priority.



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