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RELEASE: Innovative, Tailored Care Models for America’s Seniors

David Howes, MD, President and CEO of Martin’s Point Health Care testifies before Senate Committee on Aging

Washington (October 3, 2018) – Martin’s Point Health Care, based in Portland, Maine, is implementing forward-thinking programs and care models to meet the needs of a rapidly growing, mostly rural, and chronically ill senior population. Martin’s Point President and CEO David Howes, MD, today shared the health plan’s innovative approach to caring for a progressively aging senior population during a Senate Committee on Aging hearing.

“I regard our care management programs as some of our best innovation work at Martin’s Point,” said Dr. Howes. “They continue to illustrate to me that the little things can make a big difference.”

Maine’s population is the fastest aging of any state in the nation. By 2020, it is projected those over the age of 65 in Maine will outnumber those under 18—a statistic that is 15 years ahead of the national projected date of 2035. Adding to the complexity of this issue, 31 percent of the senior population lives below 200 percent of the poverty line and 51 percent lives in rural areas.

Maine health care providers, including Martin’s Point, are on the frontline of tackling a collection of senior health care challenges other states will face in the years ahead.  A nonprofit organization serving the local community and offering both primary care and health insurance coverage, Martin’s Point is uniquely positioned to deliver affordable, high-quality care and lead the way in developing in innovate methods of care for seniors.

“Martin’s Point is a perfect example of the impact nonprofit, community health plans can have on the communities they serve,” said ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly. “By focusing on the unique needs of its region, Martin’s Point is able to deliver tailored programs and approaches that create better value for every health care dollar.”

Martin’s Point’s takes a strategic approach to delivering care, managing costs and helping seniors live independently. Access to both patient data and health records supports successful care coordination and chronic disease management. Their tailored home-based care model furthers this, bringing comprehensive care to a senior’s home and tackling all factors that impact health including physical, emotional, social and environmental. As part of the program, patients are screened for mental illness, addiction and depression. More than half of invited members in the home-care program are accepting nurses into their home for the first visit and then inviting them back. The organization also implemented a pilot program for patients with congestive heart failure, providing in-home assessments, education on symptoms and telemonitoring devices for participants. The effort led to improvements in members’ medication adherence by more than 20 percent as well as decreased hospital admissions and a nearly 70 percent improvement in readmissions.

Martin’s Point Health Plan is a member of the Alliance of Community Health Plans.

To read the full testimony from Dr. Howes, click here.

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