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ACHP plans are dedicated to supporting the health of the communities they serve. With dedicated initiatives such as social activities for the aging, partnerships with schools and giving back to local charities, ACHP plans are leading their communities to better health.



ACHP's wellbeing initiative highlights the different pillars of wellbeing and demonstrates how health plans can implement wellbeing for their members. Read More

Social Determinants of Health

Our plans know that a person's health is determined by more than just the care they receive. That's why they work with local partners to address social determinants of health that affect all members of their... Read More

Community Engagement

Our plans are active in their community by promoting health living. Learn more about ACHP plans' community engagement. Read More

Innovation Series

ACHP’s Health Plan Innovations in Patient-Centered Care details how community health plans are advancing quality care. The series looks at care management strategies and the role of care management nurses;... Read More

Making Health Care Better

The Alliance of Community Health Plans is a national leadership organization bringing together innovative health plans and provider groups that are among America’s best at delivering affordable, high-quality coverage and care. Our plans are shaping the future of health care - driving better health outcomes, building healthier communities and inspiring an entire industry to do better.

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