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RELEASE: ACHP on Trump Administration’s final & proposed price transparency rules

The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) issued the below statement in response to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) final and proposed price transparency rules.

“ACHP member companies share the Administration’s goal of providing consumers meaningful information to make informed health care decisions. We have long supported efforts to make pricing information more accessible, understandable and actionable for consumers. But for consumers, the most useful information isn’t a massive published list of negotiated prices, but individualized, real-time, patient-specific information that is tied to coverage benefits, deductibles and copays.

“Transparency of prices alone is not enough. Consumers need to be equipped with timely, relevant and personalized cost and quality information to make value-based health care decisions. As health organizations committed to high-value coverage and care, we know firsthand that individualization of health data is key to meaningful transparency.

“ACHP member plans work closely with their provider partners to offer real-time, personalized price transparency tools that put consumers at the center of their care – helping them choose high quality and affordable services that meet their individual needs.

“Although we strongly support price transparency, many of the efforts included in the proposed regulation place a significant burden on the consumer to sift through and make sense of incredibly complex – and in some cases irrelevant – information. Requiring publication of negotiated rates will not only add to confusion in consumer decision making but ultimately will increase costs over time.”

ACHP has previously commented on the Administration’s price transparency efforts, including on the recent executive order and proposed hospital price transparency rule. ACHP is happy to provide examples of existing transparency tools in the market today.

About ACHP

The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) represents the nation’s top-performing non-profit health plans to improve affordability and outcomes in the health care system.  ACHP member companies are provider-aligned health organizations that provide high-quality coverage and care to tens of millions of Americans. They are leading the industry in practical, proven reforms around primary care delivery, value-based payment and data-driven systems improvement.

ACHP advocates on behalf of its members and a unique approach to health care today, one that puts the patient at the center with health plans and clinical teams collaborating to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. Our advocacy focuses on providing policymakers with tested solutions being realized in communities nationwide and rooted in a model that is proven to deliver better value for patients, employers and taxpayers.   Learn more at the ACHP website and follow us on Twitter for the latest health insights.