Transforming Care

By building strong partnerships with communities, leveraging effective payer-provider partnerships, emphasizing evidence-based approaches and remaining focused on patient outcomes, ACHP’s member organizations are transforming care for the better.

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Road Map 2030

Roadmap 2030 prescribes a clear path to refashioning an industry from the current sick care model to one that’s designed for wellbeing. Read More
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Evidence-Based Care

Community health plans are uniquely positioned to accelerate the delivery of medical knowledge and the adoption of evidence-based interventions. Read More
Value-based care

Value in Health Care

ACHP and its member companies are leading the charge for a different approach to care—one that prioritizes value. Read More
Primary Care

Primary Care

ACHP champions investment in primary care — leading to better, less-expensive care and healthier communities. Read More

Health Equity

ACHP and its member organizations are committed to improving health equity by removing obstacles in our nation’s health care system. Read More

Making Health Care Better

ACHP is the voice of a unique approach in health care today, one that puts the patient at the center with plans and clinical teams collaborating to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. Our advocacy focuses on providing policymakers with tested solutions, rooted in a model that is proven to deliver better value for patients, employers and taxpayers.

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