Health Care 2030: ACHP’s Roadmap to Reform prescribes a clear path to refashioning an industry from the current sick care model to one that’s designed for wellbeing.

America’s health care system has needed repair for years. But the COVID-19 pandemic thrust an unforgiving spotlight on the system’s shortcomings and the urgent need for change.

In this report, ACHP lays out nonpartisan, practical changes for immediate and long-lasting improvement. ACHP’s vision for the next decade of reform promotes a system focused on health and healthier communities – one that safely delivers care where and when patients want it; one in which evidence guides decision-making; one in which quality and outcomes are paramount; and one in which data is both secure and accessible.

Amid the current pandemic and Election 2020, ACHP’s nonprofit health plans offer constructive ideas for the national dialogue on the future of health care in America. With decades of on-the-ground experience, ACHP leads by example, providing an evidence-based framework that transcends politics and creates a roadmap to a system that works for all.

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