NEWSLETTER: ACHP Plans Lead Wellbeing Movement

What if there was a way to think more positively, be more productive at work and foster stronger relationships? Building your wellbeing could be the key.

Community health plans are leading the wellbeing movement, providing communities with the tools they need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. That’s why ACHP is launching an initiative to promote treating the whole person. By illustrating the work of our member plans and deploying some fun resources – including an animated video – we hope more people will better understand and enhance their wellbeing.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is more than just your physical health – it’s a measure of how you feel you’re doing mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s made up of the six elements – illustrated in this video.

Research shows that wellbeing boosts creativity, collaboration and contributes to a culture that helps people thrive. It also boosts productivity and is directly tied to a highly-engaged and high-performing workforce. Businesses, health care leaders and communities are moving toward this holistic approach to address mental health, emotional connection and opportunities to thrive.

ACHP plans lead the way
Our nonprofit, regional health plans are helping people fight stress, improve relationships, manage mental health and access tools to stay healthy.

In Minnesota, HealthPartners is working to change the way people think and helping people build emotional resilience to combat stress and bounce back after a difficult event. An eight-week, online program, Beating the Blues helps participants build skills that lead to healthier thinking – offering tips on how to identify negative thoughts and replace them with positive feelings and behaviors. The program is free for HealthPartners members and patients. Of the more than 5,000 people who have taken the course, more than 90 percent found the program to be helpful in their work and personal lives.

Through their WELLfluent campaign, Florida-based AvMed is helping people focus on the things that matter most – health, happiness, and a balance of mind, body and soul. AvMed fosters access to diverse and personalized programs to help all community members achieve a balanced life.

AvMed Rides is giving the community a healthier way to get around town.

This includes supporting activities like bike shares, road races and programs to get kids moving; social connections, entertainment and learning opportunities for seniors; rewards for healthy behavior; access to care management programs for health support; and through a mobile pantry, healthy food options in areas that need them most.

While we often put physical health first, diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to strengthen our total wellbeing. All the elements of wellbeing work together to help you realize your full potential. By going beyond just the physical, strengthening your wellbeing could help you lead a healthier and happier life.

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