BLOG — The Best Value for Every Health Care Dollar

Every year, American families’ health care bills pile higher and higher with more expensive premiums, copays and prescription drug costs. Unfortunately, it’s no surprise: waste, inefficiencies and misaligned incentives have plagued the health care system for far too long—straining the pocketbooks of patients, taxpayers and businesses.

But it shouldn’t be this way. That’s why the Alliance of Community Health Plans’ (ACHP) are committed to improving coverage and care and ensuring the best bang for every health care dollar.  By coordinating care, cutting hidden costs, expanding benefits and lowering prices, ACHP member companies have enhanced the value of the coverage and care they deliver.

ACHP’s inaugural ACHP Report on Affordability details the progress ACHP member companies have made. In addition, ACHP member plans provide products and services to reduce costs:

Learn more about ACHP’s approach to shifting the health care system toward value by listening to ACHP’s Healthy Dialogue podcast