BLOG — Join Us for 2022 Health Care Value Week

ACHP has partnered with industry leaders for Health Care Value Week, a weeklong discussion on ways to advance value in health care.

The American health care system too often prioritizes the volume of services provided, leading to overtreatment and low-value care, undermining quality and increasing costs. Volume-based care has repeatedly failed the American public, most acutely during the pandemic.

This Health Care Value Week, we’re joining experts across the industry calling on policymakers to encourage collaboration, high-quality care and payment models that reward it. It’s beyond time for a serious discussion about our addiction to fee-for-service medicine and the necessary transition to a value-based health care system.

 Fortunately, we can build on what’s already working. The value-based Medicare Advantage program offers lower costs, higher quality care and better care coordination than fee-for-service traditional Medicare — and improves health outcomes. By implementing similar payment systems and care models, we can finally advance high-quality, value-based coverage and care.

 It’s time to build a  health care system all Americans deserve. Join the Health Care Value Week conversation online by attending the events and using the hashtag #hcvalueweek on social media.

 And if you want to go deeper, take a look at  our Roadmap to Reform outlining  pragmatic policy recommendations to get there. Learn more by reading U.S. News and listening to ACHP’s Healthy Dialogue podcast.

This post is part of Health Care Value Week, a weeklong discussion on the importance of value-based care in health care. Join the conversation on social media using #HCValueWeek.

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