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PODCAST — ACHP Joins Change Healthcare Podcast

The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) President and CEO Ceci Connolly recently joined Change Healthcare’s podcast, Capitol Connection. In the interview with Vice President of Health Policy Deanne Kasim, Ceci discusses the future of telehealth, mental health and parity, advance premium tax credits, Affordable Care Act exchange health plans and creating more value in the health care system.

“If two years of successful telehealth delivery was not compelling enough to answer the myriad questions and criticisms around virtual care, I shudder to think what would clear the bar. This was not a pilot; it was not a demo. It was not some academic theory. This was real patients getting real care from real clinicians every single day. So it’s now incumbent upon all of us in the health industry to see the tremendous value of telehealth to collect data and present it to policymakers,” said ACHP President and CEO Ceci Connolly.

Listen to the podcast here.

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