VIDEO — Improving Health Equity: Ways to Use Value-Based Payments to Propel Efforts Forward (World Health Care Congress)

The pandemic underscored the health inequities that marginalized populations, such as racial and ethnic minorities and socioeconomically vulnerable individuals, face in the US. As the country takes action to bring attention to and try to tackle these societal struggles, the health care community has begun to amass ideas and efforts to do its part. In a discussion at the 2021 World Congress – Value-Based Health Care Congress, ACHP’s Ceci Connolly led a discussion on how the health industry can use payment structures to improve equity in the American health care system. The panel explored new ideas, approaches, and initiatives to consider to “pay for equity” and propel these efforts forward.

  • Discuss the changes and rationale needed to make an impact
  • Examine lessons learned from the value-based payment movement
  • Explore different approaches, such as using ‘social risk adjustment’ or ‘equity audits,’ that should be considered

Moderator: Ceci Connolly

Panelists: Shantanu Agrawal, Anthem; Julia Joseph-Di Caprio, UCare