BLOG — NEW Report Highlights How Community Plans Drive Value in Health Care

By Ceci Connolly, President and CEO, ACHP

ACHP has always been driven by our core mission: making health care better. Today, that mission is more important than ever. The pandemic has revealed a system plagued by inefficiencies and waste, driven by misaligned incentives and bowing under unsustainable costs.

Last year, ACHP released a 10-year Roadmap to Reform that laid out pragmatic policy and industry changes to build upon and improve the American health care system. Key reforms would strengthen quality of care, enhance consumer experiences, and lower costs for patients, businesses and taxpayers.

These proposals underline ACHP’s long-standing commitment to improving coverage and care and ensuring the best bang for every health care dollar. But our members understand that we can’t wait on Washington—or even the rest of the industry—to make change. ACHP and our member companies pledged to take immediate, concrete steps to address affordability, enhancing the value of the coverage and care they deliver in communities nationwide.

Our inaugural Report on Affordability details the progress ACHP member companies have made. By coordinating care, cutting hidden costs, expanding benefits and lowering prices, ACHP member plans have enhanced the value of the care they deliver. ACHP member companies have:

  • Lowered or kept premiums flat across multiple lines of business, some by as much as 10 percent
  • Expanded benefits without raising costs for consumers
  • Moved acute and recovery services out of the expensive hospital setting, eliminating unnecessary costs while improving quality of care
  • Launched robust price transparency tools, providing consumers with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their health and the cost of care
  • Committed to telehealth and virtual care, streamlining the care process, cutting unnecessary travel time and offering less-expensive, virtual-first products

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ACHP and our member companies take our mission seriously.

Whether it’s fighting for lower drug costs, telehealth expansion, individual market improvements or access to high-quality coverage for seniors under Medicare Advantage, ACHP will continue to champion a health care system that works for all consumers.

The time is now to build toward an innovative health system that rewards value and quality. Working together with their provider partners, ACHP member companies will continue to transform and improve the quality and value of the coverage and care they provide.

Together with our members, we remain committed to Making Health Care Better.