BLOG — Arming Front-line Workers: Community Health Plans and COVID-19

by Dan Lemle

The COVID-19 public health crisis continues to reshape daily life for individuals and families around the world. The ongoing emergency requires smart and timely action from the health care system to help stem the spread of the virus and its impact.

The Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) nonprofit, community-based health organizations and their provider partners are rapidly innovating to help contain and treat COVID-19. For example:

Additionally, Geisinger Health Plan developed two new forms of protective equipment for its medical facility workers and Group Health Cooperative of South-Central Wisconsin developed a desktop droplet barrier made out of everyday items to help protect staff and reduce the risk of infection.

ACHP members are also securing the health and safety of their communities through enhanced telehealthbehavioral health and testing resources.

The health challenges created by COVID-19 demand new and evolving approaches. ACHP member organizations and their provider partners are meeting that challenge head on, developing innovative solutions that protect the health and safety of the communities they serve.

Additional information on efforts of ACHP plans and their affiliated systems during this public health crisis is available here.