BLOG — PPE: Community Health Plans and COVID-19

Dr. Alison Craig demonstrating a droplet barrier that she created for Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Alison Craig, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

The COVID-19 public health crisis continues to heighten anxieties for individuals and families across the globe. The health care industry’s frontline employees are working day and night to address these concerns while also battling a dwindling supply of critical personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Alliance of Community Health Plans’ (ACHP) nonprofit, community-based health organizations have quickly jumped into action, developing new and effective ways of protecting individuals against the virus. For example:

In addition to these efforts, ACHP member plans have pledged to waive cost-sharing for COVID-19 testing, including it as a covered benefit to remove cost as a potential barrier. Many plans have waived cost-sharing for some or all treatment as well.

ACHP members are nimbly innovating to stem the spread of the virus. These unique efforts are aiding in testing, containing and treating coronavirus and helping secure the health and safety of communities nationwide.

We will not cure COVID-19 over night. It will take a coordinated and smart approach that draws on all corners of the health care system: one that can only continue if our frontline workers are properly protected.

Additional information on efforts of ACHP plans and their affiliated systems during this public health crisis is available here.