CLIP — The Wall Street Journal: ACHP Responds to New Rapid At-Home COVID Test White House Policy

Following a White House policy announcement on over-the-counter tests, ACHP responds in The Wall Street Journal to the lack of a coordinated national testing strategy and rapid at-home COVID test availability.

White House Says Private Insurers to Cover Rapid Covid-19 Tests

by Stephanie Armour and Brianna Abbott, The Wall Street Journal

Private insurers will have to cover the cost of over-the-counter Covid-19 tests starting Saturday under a Biden administration plan that aims to make it more affordable for people to screen for infections and limit the spread of the Omicron variant.

The policy outlined Monday by the administration means that millions of people with private health insurance can expect insurers to reimburse them for up to eight tests a month per covered individual, or that they will be able to purchase them at no cost through their insurance.

Some insurer groups said Monday that the administration should have done more sooner to make testing available and affordable.

“The lack of a coordinated national testing strategy two years into this public health emergency leaves too many communities without the resources necessary to mitigate this virus” — Ceci Connolly, Alliance of Community Health Plans

Ceci Connolly, president and CEO of the Alliance of Community Health Plans, said the policy released Monday didn’t address big problems facing widespread use of rapid at-home COVID tests, including a lack of availability at pharmacies and retailers, and delays in shipping tests.

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