NEWSLETTER — Community Health Plans Support Vaccine Equity

graphic of a vial and a syringeThe national rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations is providing hope in communities across the country. It has also revealed a stark reality: people of color and other underserved populations are being vaccinated at lower rates despite being disproportionately impacted by the virus.

Deeply rooted in their communities, members of the Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP) are prioritizing timely and targeted outreach to and vaccinations of the most at-risk populations. A recent letter to the Biden Administration COVID-19 Equity Task Force highlights these on-the-ground efforts, including:

  • PacificSource is tracking infection and mortality rates among minority populations, in addition to utilizing race, ethnicity, language and disability data to target outreach and vaccination administration efforts
  • Fallon Health is using social media and video to highlight the importance of getting vaccinated, featuring the diverse voices of community leaders and health plan experts. The plan is also scheduling vaccine appointments and addressing barriers to access, including transportation
  • Kaiser Permanente is addressing vaccine hesitancy by hosting multi-language public town halls with community partners as well as conducting behavioral health surveys to better pinpoint consumer interest and hesitancy related to vaccinations

The health care industry will continue to face challenges in addressing disparities highlighted by the pandemic. Committed to the communities they serve, ACHP members are steadfast in their efforts to serve as trusted partners and to help facilitate a swift and equitable vaccination process for all.

Additional information on efforts of ACHP plans and their affiliated systems during this public health crisis is available here.

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